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White Tailed Eagles, Sea Eagles, and Fish Eagles. These birds have many a moniker but nothing really conveys just how big they are than their nickname “Flying Barn Doors” as they have an 8ft wingspan. Hugely impressive and they aren’t even the worlds biggest Eagles! 


They’re the UK’s largest bird of prey and there’s nothing that can prepare you for seeing these majestic birds soaring high in the skies, where they easily dwarf any other bird in the vicinity. 

Once persecuted to the point of extinction in the UK, their population is steadily increasing throughout Scotland with major strongholds in the West Coast. They’re now a huge attraction for tourists, birders, and photographers. They are however still a Red listed species and are heavily protected and monitored - especially during breeding season. 

two white tailed sea eagles flying
white tailed sea eagle flying

They’re opportunistic feeders and their diet is hugely varied. An inspection of a nest site once the chicks have fledged proves this! They mainly eat fish but will hunt other mammals as well as steal food off other birds.

There’s boat trips you can take in Eagle hot spots to watch them fish. It was an incredible rush to watch them and photograph them. Watching them descend to catch their prey is like a plane lowering it’s wheels for landing - their huge feathery legs coming down, ready to strike.


The concentration and focus in their eyes is unreal and demonstrates why they’re such an incredible predator.

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