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Glen Etive

Glen Etive has to be one of the most photogenic locations and the abundance of pictures you find on websites and social media is incredible.  You really do need to visit yourself to truly understand how stunning the landscape is.


Many people will have seen the movie Skyfall and not necessarily placed the location, where Bond and M are standing looking down on to a house (which is actually in England somewhere so it’s not worth looking for!) This stunning viewpoint is nearly half way down the 12 mile single track road and proves a popular spot for visitors. 


The beauty of Glen Etive is just’s stunning. No matter the weather you’re always guaranteed a great trip.  When you’ve got clear blue skies the views are incredible, with glass like reflections in Loch Etive. Surprisingly it’s really at its best on a misty, drizzly, and cloudy day. It takes on a moody atmosphere that you can’t replicate anywhere else.


One of our favourite reasons to go is the Red Deer. It’s a great place for close up interactions (they are still wild animals so caution is always required) with amazing backdrops. 

It’s not just been used in Skyfall but many other TV/Film productions including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You know the scene - they’ve just broken out of Gringotts on the Dragon’s back and as they’re flying low over the Loch, they drop in.  


We both adore it in the Glen and it’s one of our favourite places to visit. You’ll normally find us leaving on a total high singing our lungs out to whatever tune is next on the playlist.


We can’t talk about the Glen without referring to the mess that is frequently left by visitors and how much disrespect it shows to our beautiful country. We've also read of fireworks being let off in the Glen. Since Skyfall it has seen a rise in popularity with the above being a serious consequence. If you are planning a visit, please take your rubbish home with you.

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