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Isle of Mull

This stunning island is situated in the Inner Hebrides, only an hour ferry crossing from Oban.


The first time I went was in 1st year of High School - so I was around 11. It was a typical school trip - staying in a Tavool House, Tiroran and being out in the cold everyday. We went on a very long hike to see the fossilised tree. Now reading about the route, what were my teachers thinking?! Anyway, it’s quite a spectacular site to behold and makes you realise just how old the island is, and how young we all are.


The biggest town in the north of the island of Tobermory is most well known for being the home of the CBBC programme Balamory (try saying it without singing the wee line. Nope, didn’t think you could!) It’s a friendly town with plenty lovely shops, restaurants and bars. It also has a golf course, which is handy when our husbands get a bit sick of looking for Otters with us.


There’s something for everyone on Mull and we would highly encourage you to go, switch off and really explore the island. It definitely has a wild feel to it, especially down the south around Pennyghael and Carsaig. We stayed in Carsaig as it’s by the far the most remote place I’ve ever stayed. Down on the harbour on a clear day you can see right over to the Pap of Jura.


One of the biggest tourist attractions is wildlife, without a shadow of a doubt. It’s everywhere. Driving from Salen to Tobermory you can see a variety of Ducks and Geese right by the side of the road. We were going on a wildlife tour from Pennyghael and saw 4 Hen Harriers in the space of a few hours, which is incredibly rare on the mainland. It’s well worth taking the scenic route from that tiny town all the way round to Salen. I’ve never seen scenery like it and you never know what you’re going to discover around the next corner. Countless Buzzards, Sea Eagles by the shore, if you’re lucky a Golden Eagle soaring over the ridge way up in the sky, and Otters playing and fishing just off shore. 

There’s breathtaking views over to Iona as you reach the peak of your drive around the cliffs. Then a bit of a nail biting drive along Loch Na Keal, with some pretty sheer drops down to the water. 


At the right time of year Dolphins are seeing jumping out the water and swimming along with boats. Whales, and Basking Sharks are frequently found in the waters surrounding the island. 


There’s some cracking beaches including Calgary bay, right at the north of the Island near Dervaig. Pure white sands and turquoise water, it’s one of Scotlands infamous beaches that could be mistaken for the Caribbean.


We’ve been over to Mull a couple of times now to photograph wildlife and its definitely our favourite place with many more trips in the future, I’m sure.

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