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Hogmanay 2018 Carrbridge

So it was early 2018 that we decided that a family trip to Carrbridge for New Year would be a great idea! After securing the perfect accommodation we were counting down the days until our trip.

The original plan was that Graeme and I would spend 6 nights with Mum, Lincoln, Clare and Anton staying 4 days. Unfortunately, on the lead up to Christmas Clare’s cat Charlie hadn’t been well so their plans were left open to change.

In true Monika fashion though, the itinerary of our days out was created along with a Tesco delivery for our date of arrival with lots of tasty treats to keep us going during the break. It was great being able to do this as if you had seen the amount of luggage we took for the week there was zero room for anything else! Camera gear takes up a lot of space and nothing could be left behind!


Day 1. Depart to Carrbridge

Ironic that the lead up to the holiday was filled with worry about Charlie that on the day we were due to leave we had to make a swift trip to the vet with Mr Hamish, blood test and a once over confirmed that he was all ok and we were able to depart.

Mum, Lynx, Mr Hamish and I headed up together leaving Graeme to drive Mum’s car up with all the luggage! If we had left Mum to drive herself, she might have got their the day after lols!

The drive was lovely and not too busy for a change, no backseat driving from Lynx either who was content listening to a 90’s playlist, having major throwbacks to nights out with his old friend Ian and eating pizza at 5am!

Arriving safe at our accommodation with Graeme only a couple of minutes behind we were welcomed into the warmth of our cottage for the week!

After quickly unpacking Mum and I headed to the local for a cheeky prosecco while Lynx and Graeme waited on the Tesco delivery. Fajita’s for tea, some more prosecco and an early night for waking up to Clare and Anton arriving the next day.


Day 2. Poor Charlie


7am and messages coming through from Clare that Charlie had taken very unwell and was being rushed to the vet. Charlie is a sensitive wee cat and as he is getting older, a bit like ourselves doesn’t take well to changes in his environment. Seeing Clare and Anton packing suitcases was enough to stress him out leading to medication and an overnight stay at the vet. With great disappointment and sadness they were forced to make the decision they wouldn’t be able to come up to join us for New Year.

However, being in the safety of the vet and nothing else they could do until morning, Clare decided that she would come up for one night and be back in time to spend New Years eve with Charlie and Anton.

Waiting on Clare’s arrival, Mum and I headed to Lochan Eilean in Rothiemurcus to look for some Red Squirrels. As soon as we arrived in the car park we were treated to one diving about the queue of cars waiting to pay, then a second on the feeder next to the car park hut, then running across the path walking down to the loch, then up a tree as we walked into the forest! Wow I hear you say!……

Heading into the forest to set up in our usual spot after seeing 4 in the space of 5 minutes I was excited that Mum would have a really good chance of seeing them up close.

So, we waited, and waited, and waited….nada! Decision made to cut our losses, camera stored back in the bag, then…..yep, you guessed it our furry little friends appeared. Swiftly set up again and before we knew it we had 4 squirrels chasing each other about and munching all the nuts we had brought them. One very happy Mum and some shots in the bank.

Next stop, we headed to Rothiemurchas Farm to pick up the beef joint and venison sausages I had pre-ordered a few days before for our dinners during the week. I was really impressed with the service and was a bit doubtful at even being able to make an order for New Year at short notice but everything was ready for me to pick up when I arrived, taste results later!

Back to the cottage we made up some sandwiches and picked up Lynx, Graeme and Mr Hamish to head out for a walk to The Green Loch, An Lochan Uaine.

Mum kindly bought Clare and I an Akaso action camera for Christmas so it was the ideal opportunity to try it out and start capturing our family holiday on video - first video recorded, bag of Mr Hamish Poop swinging from Mums back pack lols!

We had a lovely walk and Mum and Lynx were thoroughly impressed with the Loch, think Lynx wanted to go for a swim to find out why it was green - maybe next time when its a bit warmer! Mum walked the sensible route back to the car whilst the rest of us climbed up the scenic route through the trees to get the best views of the Cairngorm Mountain range. Lynx loved it!

Thoroughly walked out we headed back to the cottage to meet Clare after she had spent some time with the Red Squirrels in the afternoon.

Time for some amazing venison sausage casserole and a prosecco!

Like a lot of people, we are a family who love the show Friends, we are also extremely competitive and had purchased a trivial pursuit gam