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Common Birds

Baby long tailed tits

Whether it's the UK's favourite bird - the Robin or the charming Goldfinches (see what I did there? The collective name for Goldfinches is a Charm) us Brits love our garden birds or rural wildlife!


Personally I have 5 feeders up to attract a wide variety of birds to my garden and have had a brief appearance by a Great Tit, two Blue Tits who flit in and out each day, multiple Dunnocks, Robins, a wee Jenny Wren, and a whole host of Starlings and their noisy mob in springtime.


Add to that the House Sparrows who hide out in the hybrid plant we've created between our Clematis and the neighbour's Honeysuckle (don't ask, but it works for us) and I think we've enough of a selection that my neighbours behind me probably think I'm a bit weird for looking out the window so often just to check who's visiting the feeders.

We've still got a huge amount of these birds to add to our list but we hope you enjoy the pictures we've got so far and we're looking forward to adding more in the future!

Long Tailed Tit with worm
Goldfinch in branches
Dipper in water
Swan on loch
Bird on branch of bush
Robin on branch of tree
Warbler singing
Blue Tit on tree stump
Female chaffinch on tree
Baby robin on tree stump
Wren on tree stump
Siskin on tree branch
2 birds on tree stump
Coal tit on tree branch

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