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Crested Tit

Crested Tit on tree stump

The rockers of the Tit world...yes. I just said that!!

With their spikey hairdos and blood red eyes they definitely stand out amongst their comrades when you find them.


Unique to Scotland (in the UK anyway) and specifically the Highlands they're a firm favourite amongst photographers and bird lovers alike.


Yet another native to the Caledonian forests, it gives us even more reason to head up north in the beautiful Scottish winters.

It's easy to understand why. For such a little bird they've got a feisty character. Fiercely territorial they'll be sure to let you know when they're around with a call you won't forget.

You won't find them feeding out your hand like the Coal Tit or Robin but they'll normally put on a good wee show and it's always fun to watch them chase away the other birds for the umpteenth pile of food someone's left for them.

Crested Tit in tree
Crested Tit foraging
Crested Tit on tree
Crested Tit on branch
Crested Tit in tree with nut

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