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 About Us


Scottish Sisters Photography is run by Kate Stevenson and Clare Harte, we've been sisters since 1985!

Based in Scotland we travel around the country together capturing amazing wildlife and landscape images.

We are really excited to share our work with you and tell the story of our adventures together.  Feel free to browse through our site and follow us on social media to keep up to date with our travels!


For most of our lives we've had a camera capturing our antics, to the point we developed an ability to ignore it when everyone else ran in the opposite direction. Our Dad was a well established Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh for most of our younger life and it's fair to say we have inherited his passion. Sadly he passed away in 2015 but he's with us in everything we do. We know he'd be exceptionally proud of us and our achievements. 


So, what do we do? Wildlife, landscapes, and most importantly laughter! We love to travel in Scotland and uncover her natural beauty. It's right on our doorstep so why not discover what's on offer.  We've only scratched the surface though, which can only mean more adventures in the future and who can argue with that. 


We can't think of anything better than going away for a weekend and waiting all day for a 5 minute glimpse of the native Red Squirrel or a close encounter with the majestic Red Deer. It's always "oh just another 5 minutes" and we're still there an hour later. Whether you're smelling the Caledonian Pine in Abernethy Forest or in the depths of Glen Etive it's easy to feel part of nature. 


We were raised on Canon and that's what we both use as well as Sigma lenses. These range from a 50mm prime right up to a 600mm. We also use Manfrotto monopods and tripods and our trusty sandbags. Jelly babies and macaroons are also essential for a journey. Maybe, just maybe a wee prosecco at the end of a successful day too. 


That's "us" as Sisters but as individuals we are quite different.......

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I'm the baby of the family and what you could class as a late starter to photography. I normally inherited Dad's Ixus after he bought the newest version. I bought my first camera in March 2015 and whilst Dad wasn't able to show me how to use it, Kate stepped in and showed me how to move away from auto in to the scary world of manual. My favourite subject is the Red Squirrel. Why? Why not! They're hugely charismatic and very photogenic. I love watching them even without a camera. 

Everyday is a school day with photography for me and I love to learn about it. Taking pictures of wildlife has sparked a huge interest in conservation for me and we need to look after our planet for generations to come. 


Outside of photography I work in an office (that's enough about that!) I'm married to Anton and have a small furry family made up of my cat Charlie and two Rabbits - Jack and Poppy. I also volunteer with the RSPB and Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels. Massive Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Outlander fan. 


Being able to take pictures is reward enough but to share it with my Sister is worth more than I can describe. 


I’ve loved photography all of my life and can be seen in our old family videos with cameras round my neck, bossing people about on where to stand and how to pose. 


Outside of photography I work full time in an office, I’m married to my wonderful husband Graeme and we live at home with our amazing Border Terrier Mr Hamish.


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Whilst cameras have always been a part of our lives, Clare and I’s joint passion has hit us like a thunderbolt and we are so excited to see what we can achieve in our images.  From getting up at 4am to watch Osprey’s fishing or leaving our dinner sitting while a stunning sunset is chased.


Together we are developing our skills and pushing the boundaries of our photography.  I’m lucky to have a sister who has the same interests and after a difficult time in our family in losing our Dad, it was obviously meant to be that we have found this passion and I’m loving every moment going down this path together.


“I’m going to do what I want to do, I’m going to be who I really am.  I’m going to figure out what that is”  Emma Watson