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Photography Talk

We love to talk about photography, nature and Scotland.  In fact, it's all we talk about!

It's an absolute pleasure when we get to talk about this with others and we would be thrilled to come along to your event, camera club or organisation to deliver our photography presentation.

Virtual or in person, we can work to your requirements and deliver a fantastic presentation showcasing our journey together, photography collection and have a few laughs along the way.

If you are interested in inviting us along to your event, please get in touch so we can chat this through.

Galasheils Camera Club

We very much enjoyed hearing about your family’s background, especially the local connection, in photography and how you have both developed your very impressive skills. We have quite a few keen wildlife photographers in the club so it was great seeing Scottish wildlife and the information that you shared about how and where to get great shots.

Falkirk Camera Club

Just a note of thanks for your fabulous presentation to our camera club last Thursday evening.


Your wildlife & nature images were truly outstanding & I can honestly say that they are the benchmark for all photographers to achieve.

Mid Calder Camera Club

Many thanks for the superb talk tonight at Mid Calder camera club. Loved your enthusiasm and skill capturing all the wonderful wildlife images on show.

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